Stainless Material Processing

Scanmet OÜ is a enterprise established in 1999. Its main field of activity is the mechanical grinding and polishing of metals.


Since its establishment, the enterprise’s goal has been to provide customers with high-quality services related to the surface treatment of metals. Despite the fact that the surrounding world and the business climate have changed compared to the time Scanmet OÜ was founded, this objective still defines the activities and the development of the enterprise, just like twenty years ago.


With its wide range of skills and equipment, Scanmet OÜ is able to offer services from automatic grinding lines to very complex manual grinding required for process manufacturing and the pharmaceutical industry. Our services are designed to meet the various requirements and desires of our customers in the best possible way. We are a flexible and reliable partner for our customers in both long-term contractual work and one-time cooperation projects.



Export constitutes a remarkable part of the activities of Scanmet OÜ, and the percentage is increasing continuously. Our most significant importer is Finland, which is also where our cooperation partner Steelhouse Group OY operates.


By now, Scanmet OÜ has achieved the leading position on the Estonian market in the field of metal buffing and polishing services.

  • Uncompromising quality
  • Fast delivery
  • Flexible prices
  • Experiences since 1994


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