Manual grinding

One of the traditional areas among the activities of Scanmet OÜ is manual grinding and polishing, carried out in accordance with our customers’ requirements. With our varied equipment and skills, we can offer grinding and polishing services from simple details to elaborate special containers used in the pharmaceutical industry. Our special skills include treating the inner surfaces of pipes and containers manufactured for process manufacturing and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as grinding and polishing steel structures installed in public places.


Thanks to our skilled workers and long-term professional experience, we can provide our customers with the kind of flexible manual grinding services they need. Reliable product management, excellent skills and a serious approach to quality and customer service ensure the high quality of all our products. Read more...


Automatic grinding lines

Grinding and polishing works for pipes, plates and profiles are carried out on automatic grinding lines. This enables us to offer cost-effective and high-quality solutions to our customers. In addition to automatic grinding lines, our excellent skills in the field of the surface treatment of metals ensure the constant high technical quality of our products. We provide services ranging from small private commissions to large annual contracts. Read more...


Acid treatment

Scanmet OÜ performs acid treatment in Estonia's largest acid baths.

The acid bath measures as follows: length 6500mm, width 1450mm and depth 1250mm.


Services provided at the customer’s site

In addition to grinding and polishing works carried out on our premises, our services include works performed at the customer’s site. Experienced and qualified workers operate all over Estonia and Finland pursuant to the customers’ requirements. The common services done at the customer’s site include grinding joints between pipes and containers, repair-related grinding and works performed in the shipbuilding industry.


Service at the customer’s site is carried out with the same expertise and commitment to quality as the work performed on our premises. Our objective is to operate flexibly, in accordance with the customer’s requirements and time frames, and ensure the success of our customer’s projects.


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